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Zuckerberg Reportedly Admits Facebook Was ‘Wrong’ to Censor Lila Rose’s Pro-Life Group ‘Live Action’

Lila Rose, founder of Live Action, tweeted Thursday that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted his Silicon Valley-based company was “wrong” to censor her pro-life group’s content.

Zuckerberg reportedly offered the admission during a meeting Thursday with Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), one of the four lawmakers who sent a letter to Facebook earlier this month, rebuking the social media site for its censorship of Live Action’s content based on a seemingly biased fact-check of pro-life videos featuring Rose, who argued abortion is “never medically necessary.”

Despite Zuckerberg’s alleged admission, Rose said she has not yet received “any apology” directly from the Facebook founder or a representative of the company.

All of this started in late August, when Facebook notified Live Action that two of its videos constituted “false news” because the left-leaning fact-checking website Health Feedback, whose writers have been actively opposed to Live Action and the pro-life cause, described Rose’s assertions about abortion as “inaccurate.”

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Regardless of what Zuckerberg may have said to Hawley, the Live Action founder said she remains concerned about Facebook’s actions and its culture of censorship.

“They lack transparency [and] honesty,” she wrote. “They claim to be neutral but don’t act that way. They enjoy privileges as a platform, but act like a far-Left, politically motivated publisher. This affects all news [and] content shared on [Facebook].”

Rose said she is dedicated to continuing to fight for her right to publish content unencumbered by Facebook’s political interests, noting Live Action has spent “hard-won [money]” to share content on the website.

Faithwire reached out to Facebook for comment, but a representative has not yet responded to our request.



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