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Your New Church Is Established. Now What?

The early days of church planting can be exciting. They can be nerve-wracking. They are definitely exhausting.

Turning an evangelistic movement into an established church is not an easy task. If it happens, it’s evidence of God’s grace and sovereignty and the fact that Jesus is indeed building his church (Matt. 16:18).

The early days of planting differ for everyone. Some church-planting projects never result in what the planter envisions: a healthy local church. Some planters see many converts and quickly constitute as a local church. For others, the grind is slow and arduous; and after years of faithful ministry, they still receive help from gracious supporting churches.

On today’s podcast, we talk with two seasoned planters and pastors. These men began a church-planting movement, and now pastor large churches.

Tyler Jones and Joby Martin will talk to us about how to lead and maintain vision in the local church. What happens after your church is established and “self-sustaining”? How does the pastoral leader stay focused and fired up once the church is no longer a plant, but a vibrant congregation established in the community? What’s this transition like?

You can listen to this episode here.


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