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‘We Are Asking People to Pray’: Chinese Stockpiling Food as Virus Fears Increase

At the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in China, Christians can be found out on the streets, passing out emergency relief items and sharing the Gospel.

Christian humanitarian aid groups have partnered with local Chinese pastors to distribute food and protective masks.

Mark Hogsed, vice president of international programs at World Help, told CBN News the situation is grave and getting worse.

“The situation is dire and is getting worse. There is an effect on local ministers because people are afraid to be outside, their staying in their homes and not able to get outside and do what they normally would as far as ministry goes or even daily life activities,” he said.

Hogsed explained that the risk for the US is currently low, but that could change at any time.

“From what we hear in the United States, the risk is low but obviously with something like this, it can spiral out of control quickly.”

As health officials work tirelessly to develop a vaccine to treat the coronavirus, World Help is serving locals in some of the most high risk areas.

“With the vaccine potentially being a couple months away, the way we can help is to resource people in China with face masks and other items that will help prevent spread of the disease, as well as food. The prices of food are sky-rocketing, people are stock piling food – not knowing what lies ahead. We are helping to resource families through a network of Christian pastors and church planters with food and face mask protection as well,” Hogsed added.

With so many people quarantined, ministers and local churches are finding new ways to share God’s message.
Some churches have completely stopped their activities and services, while others are using a live stream.

Hogsed explained that World Help is currently accepting donations, which will assist with food distribution and protective masks.

“Specific relief efforts for World Help $20 provides a face mask and a week’s supply of food for an individual in China in the affected areas or just outside those areas to help control the spread. Going to has more information and ways to give and help with the situation,” he added. “Also, we are asking people to pray for those who have been affected, pray for those who have lost family members and pray that a vaccine will come quickly and that steps can be taken to minimize the spread going forward.”

China reported 2,641 new cases in the 24 hours through midnight Friday, raising the country’s total to 66,492. Mainland China’s death toll rose to 1,523.


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