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US Special Operations Member Killed In Somalia 


One U.S. Special Operations soldier was killed and four U.S. service members and one partner force was wounded as the result of an enemy attack overseas. 

CBN News learned it happened Friday during an operation in Jubaland, Somalia. 

The Pentagon is withholding the name of the fallen soldier pending next of kin notification. 

The statement from the Pentagon reads, “…combined Somali National Security Forces, Kenyan Defense Force and a U.S. team came under mortar and small-arms fire, killing the Special Operations member.”

Three U.S. service members and the one partner force wounded were medically evacuated to receive additional treatment.

The statement said the mission’s objectives were to clear al-Shabaab from contested areas, liberate villages from al-Shabaab control, and establish a permanent outposts designed to increase the span of Federal Government of Somalia security and governance. 

The U.S. provided advice, assistance and aerial surveillance during the mission.

The population in the region had historically supported the government, and the Somali forces had prepared for this mission by coordinating heavily with and securing the support of local authorities ahead of time.

The statement said, “The overarching goal in Somalia for the Department of Defense is provide a safe and secure environment for the Somali population.”



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