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Toronto Star Publishes Opinion Article Claiming ‘Eating at Chick-fil-A Will Increase Suffering of Queer Kids’

An opinion article published last week in The Toronto Star, a newspaper in Toronto, Canada, says eating at Chick-fil-A will “increase the suffering of queer kids.”

Another sentence from the article reads, “Chick-fil-A has released poison into this city.” It also goes on to criticize the restaurant.

The Georgia-based restaurant chain opened its first store in Canada earlier this month. 

About 75 people were protesting the popular restaurant either over animal rights or over gay rights, offended by what they describe as Chick-fil-A’s alleged stance against LGBTQ rights. 

The protestors were outnumbered by the hundreds of customers who lined up overnight to get in the restaurant first. 

Users responses from The Star’s tweet of the opinion article have been overwhelmingly supportive of Chick-fil-A.

Here are just a few.

A user with the name Horst von Horstman replied, “You’re scared of fried chicken, you walnut.”

Another user identified as Aldous Huxley’s Ghost responded, “When you are “ideologically opposed” to delicious fried chicken, you might have an ideology problem.”

Kasha Tucker tweeted, “You know such opinions are looked upon by most as if it’s an Onion article, right?”

 A woman who identified herself as “Red,” replied to The Star’s tweet, “Chick-fil-A sells chicken sandwiches. Please calm down and pull your car forward.”

And another user HaveSuitcaseWillTravel, replied to the newspaper’s tweet writing, “They serve chicken. They will serve anyone chicken who isn’t rude or disgusting while in their establishments. They don’t ask if you’re gay and refuse service. They have many people who are on the payroll. They have never discriminated against anyone.”


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