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There Are 2 Sides To Every Story



Wisdom demands that we should endeavour to always listen to the two sides of every story in an augment or a fight, in other for us to pass fair and unbiased judgement in any given situation. Little wonder in the court of law, both the defendant and the plaintiff are always given ample opportunity to speak and defend themselves.


Potiphar’s wife despite being the evil initiator and immoral perpetrator, lied to her husband in other to have her way. The husband in the other hand never gave any audience to Joseph hence no opportunity for him to defend himself. 
Consequently, Potiphar passed judgment based on singular information from his wife thereby caused Joseph the prison sentence.

Genesis 39: 19-23 (TLB). 19. Well, when her husband ( POTIPHAR) heard his WIFE’S STORY, he was furious. 20. He threw Joseph into prison, where the kings’ s prisoners were kept in chains. ( Emphasis mine)

This is a big lesson for us to learn from. Anytime accusations, allegations, complaints are being made about somebody to you or around you. Try as much as possible to hear the other party’s side of the story.

The only time you may not need to do that is if you are a witness to that situation. Also as a witness, always avoid sentiment in your judgement. Imagine for a second and think of how many people had suffered, imprisoned, molested, harassed and punished for what they were innocent of like Joseph. I for one know that it always takes two to tango.

Stay Blessed.


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