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The Path of Faith is the Path of Obedience

I know Abraham is known as the FATHER OF FAITH but I think he should be called FATHER OF OBEDIENCE too. The path that lead to faith is the path of obedience to the instructions from God.

Talk about being asked to leave his people, country to the place he doesn’t know; he was not even told the name of the country. He was following God like Zombie. Genesis 12: 1

Talk about circumcising himself at old age, at the age of 99. ( lets just imagine the pains) Genesis 17:24.

Talk about being asked to sacrifice his only begotten son (Isaac); most loved son, the legitimate one, the one God named by Himself. 
Genesis 17:19.

Is this not the same THING Christ is asking us to do today?

1. Jesus said anyone who loves his or her family more than Him is not worthy of Him. Matthew 10: 37.

2. Jesus said whoever loves his or her life in this world more than Him will lose it for eternal life. John 12:25.

3. Word of God says, we all, also need circumcision of the heart by the Spirit. Romans 2: 29.

Abraham for me was a man who showed no hesitation to the instructions of God. He was a man that take action the morning after.

No wonder bible says,’ if you belong to Christ you are Abraham’s seed‘. No other old testament believers was accorded this great honour. Galatians 3:29

I doff my hat for obedience of Abraham.

This tell us we can’t say we are believers and not be obedient people to God. Even the preaching and teaching of dispensation of grace must greatly esteem the importance of obedience. Because we cannot SEPARATE faith from OBEDIENCE.

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