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Take Responsibility for Your Life

To be born into this life is to be born into responsibility. This was made clear when God created the first man (Adam), in no time, He gave him a responsibility; the naming of the animals and replenishing of the earth. The life given to him is not for him to be expecting God doing everything for him. Therefore, to enjoy  life, value must be placed on responsibility. Blaming others outside yourself will never be of any help to you. Please note : We directly or indirectly played a role in whatever happen to us in life… actively or passively.  Don’t live your life at the mercy of other people. It has been said that, MANY PEOPLE ARE WAITING ON GOD TO DO SOMETHING WHEN GOD IS WAITING ON THEM’.


  1. Responsibility to God (Service, Worship, Relationship)

You and I have a responsibility to know God and His ways, have relationship with Him and to be subservient to His orders. For us to be effective on this, we would have to sacrifice our time, energy and resources.  We are to honour and have fellowship with our creator. Romans 1:25

  1. Responsibility to Yourself (Well-being,Career.Goals,Self-development)

You may not be responsible to your birth, but you may be responsible for your death. God never determines anyone’s life span. Neither does He determine where, when and how we die. Of course, God is omniscient.  He does know where, when and how we die (Psalms 139:1-6). To then say He was the cause of everyone born into this world is to see God as a killer. You will then have to prove to me how HE (GOD) was involved in suicide and murder, foolish decisions, bad habits (Lung cancer through smoking, accident caused by reckless driving caused by being drunk), unhealthy lifestyle, that led to many people’s deaths.Therefore, to believe the notion that God has set a particular time or day for each person to die, is to live your life to FATE.


YOU CAN LIVE LONG BY LIVING A PURPOSEFUL LIFE :  You are responsible to live a purposeful and goal-driven life. Don’t live your life to chance by saying what will be will be. The Bible says without vision people run wild (Proverbs 29:18). It’s like playing a football game without a goal post. God wants us to finish our course or destiny on earth (2 Timothy 4:7b).The pursuit of vision is a driving force that keeps our souls and bodies reinvigorating.

YOU CAN PROLONG YOUR YEARS BY HONOURING YOUR PARENTS: God commands the Children of Israel to Honour their parents (Old Testaments believers) and the same was echoed in Pauline writings in the book of Ephesians (New Testaments believers ). The reward of obeying this divine instructions is longevity. (EPHESIANS 6:2-3 NKJ ) 2 “Honor your father and mother,” which is the first commandment with promise: 3 “that it may be well with you and you may live long on the earth.”

YOU CAN PROLONG YOUR YEARS BY LIVING HEALTHY: Be responsible for whatever goes into your mouth. Your life is a gift but you have to give yourself the responsibility to live well. Someone says HEALTH IS WEALTH. You can prolong your life by living healthy. Discover what food and lifestyle that will keep you healthy, and stick to it. You have only one life to live therefore live it well!


Joshua mentioned it to the congregation that choice determines what happen to them which include DEATH.

DEUTERONOMY 30:19 (NKJ)  “I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live;

Paul tells the Church at Philipi that He could make a choice whether to live or die.

PHILIPPIANS 1:21-22(NIV) For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain. If I am to go on living in the body, this will mean fruitful labor for me. Yet what shall I choose? I do not know!

Hezekiah chose to prolong his days, despite God already told him he was due to die. He made a choice to pray to God to keep him alive which God did. Imagine, if he had received the message of his death as divine prophecy and do nothing about it. Trust me, he would have died. ( 2 Kings 20:2-6)


  1. Responsibility to your Family (Wife, Husband, Children, Parents, etc)

We all have a responsibility to love, provide and care for our wives, husbands, children and relatives. In fact, Paul actually wrote to Timothy to tell other believers under his watch that if anyone failed to provide for his family and relatives, such people has denied the faith and are worse than the unbelievers (1 Timothy 5:8)

  1. Responsibility to Others (Benevolence, Evangelism)

The grace of God bestow on us for salvation must be shared with others to get them saved. We are not to live primarily to ourselves. The salvation of sinners should be a burden to us. We are saved to be a saviour to others by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them.

Philipians 2:4 (NLT) Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too.



We must live our lives with responsibility mentality. Not a case of waiting for people or on God until you do anything. When we take action to do the right thing, we receive God’s backing to make it successful. The four lepers outside the gate of Samaria refused to stay in one place and die. Instead,they took a bold step of life and death and it paid off. They entered into a life of abundance just because they took responsibility for their lives. It was after they took the first step that God sounded scary noises in the camp of their enemies. They became unexpected heroes overnight and brought succour and respite to an entire nation. 2 Kings 7:1-16.




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