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Take Your Country Back Nigerians

I recently came back from Nigeria. Characteristically of me, I engaged with a few Nigerians about politics and political situations in the country. It is needless to say that the present and past governments have impoverished the people and sucked up the good of the land. The ruling class and their cabals who are of lesser percentage to the populace are taking people for a ride.. Everyone, everywhere, is crying for a relief and genuine change. Not the “chicken change” they are getting now. A situation where Infrastructures are in comatose and electricity supply is epileptic.

But to my chagrin, it was the music of revolution some are singing. While some are still rooting for the two sides of a bad coin; APC and PDP. Few people want bloody revolution like Ghana, just like the one carried out by Jerry Rawlings. They want it as when he gathered together six of Ghana’s (mis)leaders and had them shot publicly by firing-squad. 

My question is, do we have to replicate  bloody revolution like Ghana? My answer is capital “NO”. I believe every country is unique and different. We have a better opportunity come this Saturday to have ballot revolution.

I do not believe in a bloody revolution when it can be done peacefully.

Many don’t know their power is their votes with the PVC they are carrying.
Many don’t know that revolution can be achieved peacefully.
Many don’t know that it is revolution when you stopped voting for corrupt political parties and their leaders.
Many don’t know that if you keep on voting for them, you are actually giving them power to rule and misrule you again.
Many don’t know that by voting them out massively, is a way of telling them enough is enough.
Many don’t know that if you keep voting for them, you have no right to complain about their government because you knew who they were in the first place.
Many don’t know that it is actually a revolution when you stop voting for them.
We don’t need bloody revolution what we need is for people to be courageous enough to stop voting for them.  Most of these people don’t have your interest at heart. They just want another term to loot the treasuries for themselves, their families, their friends and their cabals.

My clamour is for a peaceful revolution by way of voting the major parties (APC and PDP ) out.
I want people to be bold enough to vote for a new generation of leader such as SOWORE, those who will come into government with a new party, intelligence and idea. People with pedigree of fighting the cabals and for good governance. Someone who is conscientious, with no past corruption allegation, and has got the political will to face all the Goliath’s in our nation that has held us bound not get to our promised land.

Let us all say enough is enough and take our country back from the hands of the looters.

Let’s stop celebrating mediocrity , let’s go for the best, because we deserve the best.

Come February 23rd 2019(updated) let’s vote for a revolutionary change!

Don’t sell your vote, vote for a new Nigeria that is possible.

Vote AAC

Vote Omoyele Sowore for President 

The revolution is now !


For the love of my Nation Nigeria 



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