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Scottish Police Find Themselves Innocent after Posting Anti-Christian Posters

Scottish Police Find Themselves Innocent after Posting Anti-Christian Posters

The police in Scotland who posted anti-Christian posters have investigated their own actions and determined they are innocent.

According to WND, the internal investigation came following a complaint that was filed by the Barnabas Fund Christian ministry.

The ministry said it filed a complaint about “hate crime” posters from the police and Scottish government. The posters were addressed “Dear Bigots.”

“Division seems to be what you believe in,” the poster said. “We don’t want your religious hate on our buses, on our streets and in our communities.

“We don’t want you spreading your intolerance. Or making people’s lives a misery because of their religious dress. You may not have faith in respect and love, but we do. That’s why if we see your hate, we’re reporting you.”

But a senior police officer said the posters are not “based on malice or ill will towards any social group.”

The Barnabas Fund ministry said the posters were upsetting to Christians. Barnabas CEO Hendrick Storm said he was “shocked” at the posters.

Rev. David Robertson of St. Peter’s Free Church in Dundee called the poster a “contradiction.”

“It’s basically a poster that says if you are religious then you are a bigot,” he said.

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