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‘Revival’: Unique Gospel Musical About the Life of Jesus Christ Hits Theaters

The Bible is coming to life on the big screen today in a unique way.

“Revival: The Experience” is hitting theaters this weekend with a mix of film, Broadway musical, and animation, telling the story of Jesus Christ.

It’s pulled from the pages of John’s Gospel. Recording artist Mali Music is playing the role of Jesus and Harry Lennix is playing Pilate. 

Here’s a baptism scene from the new movie:

Lennix may be best known for his current role on NBC’s “The Blacklist.” But he’s also the writer and creator of this film.

This has been a passion project for Lennix for a long time, and he tells CBN News’ Studio 5 it all started in church.

“One of the saints at New Antioch Church of God In Christ said ‘What are we going to do for Easter Harry?’ And I said, ‘Well I don’t know.’ And it hit me that there was no ready-made play that you could just pull out,” Lennix recalled.

Six years later, that play is now a movie, and it’s in theaters today. 



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