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Expect the best and Prepare for the worst



In Life, Expect the best and Prepare for the worst

Many have not been taught to prepare for the worst; the unforeseen and unlikely event that could happen to them in life long before it happens. 
Do you think God did not anticipate or know in advance that ADAM would fail him?  Then, why did He foreordain or slay Jesus before the foundation of the world (Even before Adam was created)? 1 Peter 1: 20Revelation 13:8

Jesus’ Anticipation

Jesus told His followers to anticipate trouble in this present world. John 16:33
He told His disciples not to expect everyone to open their doors to them when He sent them out to preach. Matthew 10:14 .
Jesus told His disciples to anticipate false teachers, doctrines and prophets. Matthew 24:23-25.
Jesus anticipated the betrayal from Judas. Matthew 26:21
Jesus anticipated Peter will deny Him long before it happens. Mathew 26:34

Many believers don’t know good thing do happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people in this present world.

Do you know that out of the 10 virgins waiting to meet the bridegroom only 5 virgins that anticipated a DELAY of his arrival kept EXTRA OIL for their lamps? (What if he delays? …. …was on their minds) Of course, the bridegroom arrived late and only the prepared 5 WISE VIRGINS saw him. The unprepared FOOLISH VIRGINS lost out.

What to Anticipate

Anticipate that people will betray you at some point. It may even be your best friend. 
Anticipate that people will disappoint you at some point. It may even be your church member. 
Anticipate that people will stab you at the back at some point. It may even be your work colleague. 
Anticipate that some people will want to fight you for no reason. It may even be your next-door neighbour.
Anticipate that someone you once helped will deny you’ve ever helped him/her.
Anticipate that not everybody will like you no matter how hard you try.
Anticipate that someone will hate you just because you are making progress in life.

Meditate on These Things

The question is, how would you cope when it seems the answers to your prayers is delaying? How would you cope when you are being falsely accused? How would you cope when things are not going on the way you would have wanted? How would you cope when you are being persecuted for your faith?

If you anticipate a situation ahead of time, it will be your safety net and shock absorber mechanisms for survival-mentally and emotionally when the unexpected happens.

It will interest you to know that whatever you might be going through right now or challenges that may come your way in the future, God knew of it in advance and anticipated a way of escape for you long before you were born.

Please note that whatever life and people throws at you, God will make all things to work together for your own good. 




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