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Powerful Photos & Moments as ‘Awaken the Dawn’ Kicks Off Nationwide Prayer Tents

Awaken The Dawn has been holding their nationwide “Tent America” prayer event this week as thousands of Christians have committed to pray around the clock for revival in America.

“Tent America” launched on Wednesday for three days of simultaneous worship, prayer and proclamation of the gospel, reaching 50 state capitals and hundreds of university campuses.

You can follow the activity on the Awaken the Dawn Facebook page, and you can find out if there’s an event in your area by clicking here.

The first Facebook post below shows the National Launch Gathering in Nashville, Tennessee on Wednesday night, with tons of amazing photos taken by Photography By Rae, including many special guests like Michael W. Smith.

A nationally recognized Christian businessman showed up to share his testimony at an event in Tennessee. Michael J Lindell, founder of the MyPillow company came to talk about his faith and praying together with the group for God to touch America with revival.



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