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New Jersey Becomes Second State to Require Schools to Teach LGBTQ History

Earlier this month, New Jersey followed California, becoming the second state in the union to require schools to teach about LGBTQ history.

Under the new law, public school teachers must include lessons about the political, social and economic contributions of gay and transgender people. Gov. Phil Murphy (D) signed the measure Thursday, according to CNN.

The governor said he was “honored” to sign the legislation, which was modeled after California’s measure, which passed in 2011, and makes teaching “about the rich contributions and accomplishments of our LGBTQ community and those with disabilities” mandatory.

In a tweet about the new requirement, Murphy said students “deserve to know” about the societal contributions of LGBTQ people.

“The governor believes that ensuring students learn about diverse histories will help build more tolerant communities and strengthen educations outcomes,” said Christine Lee, a spokeswoman for Murphy.

Christian Fuscarino, executive director of Garden State Equality, a statewide LGBTQ advocacy group, praised Murphy for signing the measure, NBC News reported. He said it’s “critical” for teachers to educate students on “the achievements of LGBTQ people throughout history.”

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