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Kirk Cameron Creates TV New Series Featuring Faith-Based Conversations with Celebrity Friends

Kirk Cameron Creates TV New Series Featuring Faith-Based Conversations with Celebrity Friends

Actor and outspoken Christian Kirk Cameron is launching a new TV series on the TBN network called One on One.

Set to be the “Growing Pains” star’s own take on “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” Cameron said that he hopes the unique format will help his guests feel relaxed and able to talk openly about their faith.

“I loved how Jerry Seinfeld would take some of these guests out of the studio and they would go get some coffee in his show, and Kevin Hart would do the same thing with his show, and James Corden has lots of fun taking his guests out. So I thought, I’m going to try a one on one competition with everybody,” the actor explained, according to the Christian Post.

Indeed, while Kirk hopes to touch on some heavier subjects during the conversations, he also wants to keep it light-hearted for viewers. In an age of division, social media disagreement and bitter public feuds, Cameron is determined to stand out from the negative noise.

“We can turn on the news or read our news feed through social media, and just everybody’s fighting about something, whether it’s the Democrats fighting with the Republicans, or it’s the Democrats fighting against each other,” he explained. “We can talk all about racism, and we can talk all about gender identity and there’s so much of that, all the time that I wanted to make a show that was positive, that was hopeful, that was refreshing.”

Cameron said that he doesn’t want to get too caught up in the gloomy things of today on the show. Instead, he wants to “remind people that when we get in partnership with God, and we do things His way, we can solve the world’s problems and we can bring people to a real relationship with God, which will bring them the peace and the joy that they’re looking for.”

He concluded: “I want to just have this show be a little bit of heaven on earth, where we’re having a good time, we’re talking about what matters most in our faith, our family, and how to make the world a better place in the future.”

Celebrities who are due to feature on Kirk’s new show include Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, the Benham Brothers, the Kendrick brothers and baseball pitcher Andy Pettitte. His sister and Fuller House star, Candace Cameron Bure, will also make an appearance. 

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