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Justin Bieber Surprises Coachella Crowd, Leads Fans to Worship God

Justin Bieber made an appearance over the weekend at the popular Coachella music festival.

He wasn’t part of the official line-up of performers but he did take to the stage for an impromptu set at a side event, hosted by Churchome on Sunday.

Bieber led attendees in worship, performing an intimate acoustic set, including Cory Asbury’s “Reckless Love,” Mosaic MSC’s hit song “Tremble,” and other popular favorites.

Attendees posted videos of the concert on Instagram, giving the Christian music star his latest opportunity to share his faith and love for Christ. You can see some of those clips in our video ABOVE.

Over the past few years, as Bieber began making public declarations for Jesus, some questioned whether his newfound faith could survive the pressures of fame and whether his lifestyle would reflect his faith. But he has consistently shown greater and greater dedication to following Christ, even using social media as a primary method of evangelism.

Just last week he sang the worship song “Reckless Love” on his Instagram story. At Easter, he shared a gospel presentation through Instagram and last year he preached to a huge crowd about God’s goodness at a benefit concert for terror victims in the UK. 

Now there are reports that his next album will include themes from his Christian faith.

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