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Are You For Real? (A Question For All Of Us )

Posting on social media, be it Facebook ( including live video), Twitter, Instagram, Google+, e.t.c, could come as a challenge to some of us at times as Christians. Particular when expectations for viral views and clicks, subscribes, comments, sharing, are not met. Many stopped the MOMENTUM of pursuing their God-given visions as a result of that. But personally, I want to share my experiences on what has helped me to keep going on. Although I am not yet there; still a work in progress.

Are you a Christian or a Blogger or someone who like to post randomly on social media? This message is for you.

I joined Facebook somewhere around 2008. At the time it was just for fun, showcasing myself in pictures and browsing other people’s profiles. But in 2011, my perspective changed to the use of my timeline. God impressed it upon my heart to start using my page for godly matters and to make my personal interest secondary. Ever since then I have never looked back.

But it has never been a smooth sailing. There were times I had felt like stopping. Why? The feeling of rejection, lack of appraisal, and lack of sign of approval from people. It hit me so hard then because no one was clicking likes, comments, or share my post. During those times, when I shared a post, I would be checking it back and forth to see if someone has clicked it. Please don’t laugh!

This is what I had to put up with until the Spirit of God asked me some serious questions that changed my perspective.

These are:

1.  ‘What motivate you to post?’

2.  ‘Are you driven by clicks, comments, share or read?’

At that point, my perspective changed. It dawns on me that I was losing focus. My inspiration was RENEWED. I had a new perspective. Quickly after that, the Holy Spirit reminded me of the Book of Habakkuk Chapter 2 Verse2. I meditated on it, and I saw that according to that passage, any vision, after being written down, is for reading. The primary purpose of your message is for reading. Click, subscribe and share is only secondary. Ever since then, that has been my encouragement. It is just a bonus when people clicks, comments and shares.

Hab 2:2 (ESV) And the LORD answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets so he may run who READS it.


Always let God be the source of inspiration for anything you do. (1 Cor 10:31) One thing I have found out is that people tend to comment and share worldly posts much more than the Christian related posts. This happened among Christians too. Rather than allowing themselves to be used for the word of God to go viral, they chose otherwise. Lies seem to spread more than the truth. If you are a Blogger or someone being inspired to share Godly views, you will need to ask yourself certain questions, and you’ve got, to be honest with your answers.


You need to ask yourself:

1. Why am I into blogging as a Christian?

2. Why am I into posting scriptural and motivational quotes on my social media walls?

3,   Is likes, comments, or share, the driving force for my post or rather to be a blessing to my reader?

4. Why am I doing the live videos?


Your commitment to your vision tells a lot about you and confirm if you are for real or not. It is the best way to silence your critics or prove to yourself that you believe in your vision.

John the Baptist put  Jesus Christ ministry into questioning one day……He sent his disciples to ask Jesus if He was for real. And Jesus told John’s disciples to go back and say to him how committed He was. That settles the matter!

Matt 11:3-4 (NLT) “Are you the Messiah, we’ve expected, or should we keep looking for someone else?”  4.Jesus told them, “Go back to John and tell him what you have heard and seen–

People are watching your commitment. It was Jesus dedication and passion that attracts His followers. You are the epistle that men read. It is your persistence that will give birth to your breakthrough. It is an ice breaker. No one achieves anything in life, without committing themselves to what they believe in.  If God lays it in your heart to pass a message across, don’t hesitate to do it regardless.

Until you pass the test of dedication, your vision has no future…when you pass His dedication test, you can’t miss His manifestations. Until you arrive at the point of dedication, you are not free from frustrations.” …..Bishop David Oyedepo

As a Christian blogger, let your desire be to impart your readers and not financial reward. If your goal is all centred on financial gain, you are missing the point, and it’s not a proof of real passion. Passion should precede prosperity. If we pursue wealth, we displace God , but when we seek God success will be in place.

For me, blogging is an integral part of God’s vision for my life. Before I start blogging, I have always been a regular person posting on my social media pages ( Twitter, Facebook, etc.) for about six years or more consistently.  I like to think that it was my commitment to doing that increases the grace of God over me to do more for His kingdom by blogging. My transition to a blogger happened seamlessly because posting articles, messages, quotes, exhortation, has always been part of me.

Psalm 40:2 (NIV)He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.


The point I’m trying to make is this, please know that YOUR POSTS are for reading. And as you continue to enjoy God for given you the inspiration to write, He will meet you at the point of your needs by paying your wages for doing His work (1 Tim 5:18). We must learn to appreciate people by thanking them when they comment, subscribe, like and share our posts. Likewise we are to be the kind of persons that likes, comments, share other people’s post that makes impact in our lives. Because, What you make happen for others God makes it happens for you also.  With that attitude, the coast of your blessings would be enlarged, and before you know it, the likes, comments, subscribe and share you least expected will follow ( Matt 6:33).

2 Cor 9:10 (NIV) Now he who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will also supply and increase your store of seed and will enlarge the harvest of your righteousness.

Let’s think of this, when we read Bible, we then study and meditate.  Likewise, when people read your post, they go with that memory and later be transformed. People read a post and don’t  click nor share for a reason best know to them. Don’t lose your sleep because of that. Be happy that at least it’s been read.

Zechariah 4:10 (NLT) Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin,……….

Conclusively, don’t be discouraged when nobody clicks your post. If what you are posting is your passion, don’t be discouraged. Posting messages is like starting a Church, it takes time to see the growth. Never stopped your vision because of insults, criticism, lack of approval from people. They all come with the package of your success.

Please feel free to submit your views and opinions below.

Stay blessed.



You are most welcome to my blog platform. I am blessed with the passion to serve God through teaching and evangelistic online and offline ministry to my generation. The website is targeted at teaching the FINISHED WORK OF CHRIST through the eye of NEW CREATION REALITIES and to update you with the current Christians news around the world.


  1. Praise God – thank you for the reminder. This Christian blogger appreciates it! 🙂

  2. These are crucial questions we need to keep asking ourselves in order not to lose our focus. The truth is that more people see or read our posts than comment or share as post and page reach on Fb as well as blog visit stats show. What I have learnt to do is to make catchy graphics with scriptures or inspirational sayings related to the topic I’m discussing on them so that even those who don’t click on my posts to visit the blog still get blessed. Once our motivation is to encourage and inspire, rather than to be popular, God will surely use us to His glory. We also need patience and consistency. It takes a while to build a following. With prayer and study, we’ll offer high-quality content that people will come to appreciate over time. More grace to you, my brother. You are blessed!

  3. Very wise words. Personally I am not bothered about likes / shares just for the sake of them, but I value them as I know they play a role in getting the posts into people’s news feeds. Having said that, God will ensure that whoever He wants to read the post will see it.

  4. Great post! Really, when I think of what I post on facebook, I know there are people who read but don’t respond. God can use it. I believe is DOES use it, whether we hear back or not.

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