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‘I Couldn’t Breathe’ : Natalie Grant Has Debilitating Panic Attack on Plane – Then Her Daughter Prays One Powerful Prayer

Natalie Grant recently shared the scary moment she had a panic attack on a plane and how her young daughter’s prayer reminded her of the power of child-like faith. 

“I had a panic attack on my flight tonight,” the singer wrote on her Facebook page Saturday evening. “My first one in a very long time. I don’t exactly know what triggered it. Maybe the exhaustion of the last month of touring, going straight into Christmas, and I’m a little run down. Then again, I was also extra sad to leave my parents this time. These moments are so precious and they come and go too quickly. I think my fragile emotion sometimes makes me more susceptible to those stupid fiery darts,” she wrote.

“But whatever the reason, 5 minutes into the flight, I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t sit still. I felt ridiculous. Embarrassed. Ashamed,” Grant explained. 

That’s when her 11-year-old daughter Grace took her mom’s hand and led her in a simple prayer. 

“Gracie girl took my hand and said, ‘Jesus, right now we say no to fear and yes to truth. Because Jesus, you are greater than any fear.’ And as she prayed, I made a decision to grab ahold of what I know, instead of wallow in what I felt. Faith isn’t a magic potion. It’s a choice. My 11-year old daughter helped me choose well, tonight,” Grant wrote. 

The contemporary Christian singer learned that faith doesn’t always look like a big, bold declaration. Sometimes it looks like the innocent, quiet faith of a child.

“I often beat myself up after I struggle with panic, thinking my faith should be more giant-like. Tonight I was reminded it just needs to be more child-like,” she concluded. 

Grant’s post went viral on Facebook and Instagram with many people commenting about how their story impacted them. 

Fellow singer Kari Jobe liked Grant’s post and commented saying, “AMAZING. thank you or sharing this.”

Fans also opened up about their own experiences with panic attacks.

“Thank you for being so open about your struggle. I’ve suffered with panic and anxiety attacks for the last few years, and the anxiety can be debilitating and so so embarrassing. I’m so thankful for Jesus, medicine, thoughtful friends, encouraging parents, and people like you who remind me that I’m not the only one,” wrote one commenter.

So far, Grant’s post has received more than 30,000 likes on both Instagram and Facebook. That number continues to grow. 


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