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How to know If You are a Pharisee

There is no any other religious group that opposed the messianic mission of Christ on earth as much as the Pharisees did. They were religious leaders highly esteemed and respected by their people but they manipulated, deceived and exploited the people. As soon as Jesus started to expose them, they became angry and confrontational. Jesus also did not hold back in exposing them publicly and  privately.

The question is, ‘‘Who are the Pharisees today?”, We may not have people parading themselves as Pharisees in this age but we do have the same spirit working in the lives of people. Something like that Paul said concerning the spirit  of the ruler of the power of air working in the sons of disobedience. Ephesians 2:2

It will be hypocritical of us to  see only the biblical pharisees as antagonists of a great heavenly cause without scrutinizing ourselves if we also have the same spirit that operate in them. It is time for self examination. It’s time to check our actions and motives, it’s time to be real!

  • You are a Pharisee if you are living a hypocritical life

One of the major characteristics of the Pharisees was their hypocritical life. They faked their way of life. It will be right to say they weren’t straightforward. And since they were religious leaders, well respected, nobody dare to challenge them. As Christians, God wants us to be straightforward, honest and sincere. He wants us to be man or woman with no shadow of turning like Him. Matthew 23:36. Luke 11:37-52

  • You are a Pharisee if you are a false teacher or promote false doctrine

Another facts about the Pharisees are; they were false teachers and they promote false doctrines. Despite they were well trained in the scriptures, still they are the type that pick and choose what they want to believe. But for us as Christians, we must be careful not be like them. We must not give room for the spirit of error to rule our lives. We must rebuke the spirit of Pharisee not to have expression in our own life. This is why, we are to read, study and understand scriptures otherwise we would be susceptible to follow false teachers by practicing false teachings. Matthew 23:13

  • You are a Pharisee if you are looking for the downfall of others

The main reason the pharisee surrounded themselves with Jesus  asking Him questions upon questions is to see His downfall. They wanted Him failed,ridiculed, and abandoned. Why? Because they saw Him as a threat to their manipulative empire of falsehood. Jesus demystified their positions, they are seeing someone daring to challenge them for the first time. He was also threat to their corruptible financial revenue. Luke 7:39-40. Mark 12:40

  • You are a Pharisee if you see yourself perfect or better than others

Pharisees see themselves better than others. They punish others for their imperfection.They do that for men to worship them. They walk-about as holy men, but they are far from being holy. They cover their own sins but judge others publicly for theirs. We must be careful not to live a life of holier-than-thou attitude. Because no mortal man is perfect. We all rest on the grace of God. Everyone is still work-in-progress, nobody have it all together yet. Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought to. Luke 7:36-39, Romans 12:3, Luke 18:9-14

  • You are a Pharisee if you are not teachable and always argumentative

God wants us to be teachable, ready to adapt to the new move of the Holy spirit. The pharisee were not teachable and were not ready to accept the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. They often deliberately ask Him controversial questions, looking for away to turn people against Him. They don’t ask to know or learn, they asked to make Jesus look heretic. Mark 8:11-12. Mark 10:2-9, Luke 20:20-26. We must desist from this kind of attitude.

  • You are a Pharisee if you esteem law, regulations, traditions over justice, mercy and faith

The Pharisee are not kind at all. There is no practice of law. That is why Jesus told them to practice love, by so doing they fulfill the law. He told them JUSTICE, MERCY and FAITHFULNESS supreme and mightier matters with God above paying of TITHES.Matthew 23:23.The story of the GOOD SAMARITAN never ceases to amaze me. The only person that stopped to help this poor wounded man was a Samaritan, whereas a Levite and Priest walked past. We all must check our hearts condition. We must be ready to tolerate others and do our best to help those in need around us as much as possible. Luke 10:25-37, Matthew 12:1-2

  • You are a Pharisee if you are discriminating

The Pharisees don’t mix with others. They don’t mix with people that is of lower class and standard to them. They don’t mix with tax collectors, they don’t seat with sinners. They seat on the high tables. They like to be seen as superior. Jesus debunked this attitude by seating with the less privileged in the society, the outcast, the abandoned.On one occasion they were furious to see Him sat with TAX COLLECTORS and SINNERS. He was the man of the people. We must learn from Jesus and we must refused the spirit that ruled the life of the Pharisee. In the spirit of love we are love others regardless of their religious inclinations. Luke 5:29-32

I hope with the few instances mentioned above, we would all see the need to always examining ourselves so as not to fall victim of the same discontentment Jesus had with the Pharisees during His earthly ministry. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

God is love


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