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How to have Your own Upper Room Experience

You cannot serve God diligently without having your own upper room experience. In the Bible many kicked of their divine assignments shortly after their period of solitude with God. Some were at the back side of the desert trusting God for their next move or assignment. It was an experience that provoked a turning point in their lives.


Upper Room in the old testament was first time mentioned in 1 Chronicles 28:11-12 (a place in the presence of God). Mentioned also by Prophet Jeremiah (used by the rich people, it’s like pent house) Jeremiah 22:13-14


Jesus spent many years of His youthful life in oblivion. We don’t have many records of His childhood. But when it was time for Him to be announced to the world, He was directed to the wilderness for His own upper room experience. He stayed there fasted for 40 days and nights. He had a powerful experience with God that Satan could not handle when he showed up to tempt Him. Jesus was always in solitude with God throughout his ministry. Mark 4:1-3


Upper Room was used during Christ ministry : Mark 14: 13-15, 

Upper Room was where the church was born:  Acts 1:12-14, Acts 2:1-2 

Upper Room was used by the early Church including Peter to bring Dorcas back to life : Acts 9: 39-40, 

Our personal experiences with Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit gives us more understanding of God.  Sometimes it’s not miracles that change people but personal experience with God through revelation by the Holy Spirit. No one has personal experience with God and remain the same.

For example, Peter saw Jesus performed miracles, also experienced miracles personally by walking on water, his net caught multitude of fish after encountered with Jesus, but still, when it matters most, he denied knowing Jesus. The children of Israel on their journey to the promised land saw and experienced miracles but still, they keep doubting, murmuring, ungrateful along the way regardless.

 When people don’t have personal relationship with God you see them looking for who to pray and hear God for them or perform miracles for them instead of them walking in miracles themselves. Sometimes fall into the hands of charlatans as a result.

Jesus answered, “Very truly I tell you, you are looking for me, not because you saw the signs, I performed but because you ate the loaves and had your fill. John 6:26 (NIV)

Preparation precede manifestation. Jesus never started His ministry before He was 30 years old. Despite He knew His purpose or mission on earth still used 30 years of His life in preparation. Ignorant people could misconstrue the period of waiting as period of failure. But for someone who know the will of God for their life they understand the seasons they are in.

David was in solitude, the backside of the desert, it was his time of preparation and where he acquired the skills and faith that is needed for future responsibility.
Many of us want to achieve great things without ready to pay the price.

Personal relationship with God should be our ultimate desire. It is where spiritual confidence in God is developed. And until we develop our confidence in God, we don’t know God yet. Our confidence in God is dependent on our relationship with Him in prayers, word and the leading of the Holy Spirit. Confidence in God is the raw material for our faith and without faith, no one can please God.

Stay Blessed

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