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How Friendship Works



It is imperative we all know how friendship works otherwise we will end up making friends with people we see as friends but they don’t see us as their friends. Calling someone your friends must be mutual. Sharing moments together and watching each other’s backs.

There were people we shouldn’t have allowed into the secret place of our lives. Our own holy of holies! but we were in a hurry to make them our friends. we did not wait to introduce them gradually into our lives by watching their loyalty and integrity.

If we allowed people who don’t have good intentions towards us or those that are not genuine, such people after knowing our private matters will use it against us.


In the old testament, God used this principle by not allowing everyone to have access to His secret place (the holy of holies). He didn’t allow just any “tom, dick and harry”.

God’s relationship was segmented then.

The majority stayed at the outer-court, a few allowed into inner-court and singular person allowed into the holy of holies. the majority were just living in speculations they don’t know how the holy of holies look like.

Jesus was selective of who He called friends. He restricted them to those who obey His instructions. Of course He loves everybody. John 15:14

Friendship is private and should be seen as privileged positions we give people to share in our private experiences. It comes with expectation of loyalty and trust from one another.

Your private life matters are not for everybody to know. You don’t just throw caution into the winds.

If you don’t use this principle to rate your friendship with people, you will get your fingers burnt sooner or later.

A good friend must be your confidant.


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