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How Do I know The Next Step To Take?



When God gives us visions, He expects us to rely on Him every step of the way. The vision from God is always bigger than our abilities, thoughts and imaginations. But God will still break them down into steps as time goes on.

For example:

God called Prophet Samuel to go to Bethlehem and anoint a man as a King of Israel from Jesse’s family. 1 Samuel 16:1. The vision was made clear, but the details were not full.

The difficult part of this assignment was that, God withheld the name of the person to be anointed from Samuel. How could he then identify the person from 7 sons of Jesse available for him for selection? The 8th one was not at home to be considered.

Prophet Samuel was confronted with an uphill task because he didn’t have a clue of the person God has in mind among those present.

The questions for us are, why God kept the name to Himself. Did God not know in advance that David would not be at home? 1 Samuel 16:11

God is all-knowing, but we are not.  He expects us to ask Him for guidance whenever He gave us an assignment that is not clear. We should avoid the error of assumption. Assumption is a journey to the destination of error.

I believe God withheld the name of David because Samuel is a Prophet ordained by God. And as a Prophet, he supposed to see what ordinary person don’t see and if he doesn’t see anything, he was expected to go back to God.

Samuel was privy to the choice of Saul. 1 Samuel 10:1-2. He got it right for Saul. But possibly he thought God’s criteria for chosen Saul was because of his physical appearance such as height and decided to put God in a box-to choose Eliab as well as the tallest guy in the family.

He was about to anoint Eliab when God stopped him. The man God has in mind was not at home, he was on the field tending the sheep for the family.

What do I want you to take from this post?

I want you to know that we cannot put God in a box, If God chose Saul as a strong and tall man to fight the battles for Israel, He could as well use a young man, like David to win the battles for Israel.

God uses these two scenarios to tell us that He is not limited in power, He can use anybody and at no time should we put Him in a box. He wants us to rely on Him the giver of the assignment at every step of the way. Just because God did something one way in the past doesn’t mean he would do it same way next time.

Hence, the need for us to always ask God for the next step to take, each time He gave us an assignment.


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