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Good Samaritan’s Help Save Unconscious Women and Toddler

What started as a normal night for two Ohio cousins simply driving home Sunday night quickly turned into the unexpected when they miraculously ended up saving the life of a mother and her toddler.

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The two cousins, Rayfield Hallman and Steven William Wood, were driving home in Maple Heights just outside Cleveland when they came across an unconscious woman, with her toddler asleep on her chest.

“I was talking on the phone and I was like, man this doesn’t look too good,” Hallman said to WEWS. “I ended up pulling back and tried to communicate with her through my car but I didn’t get a response at all.”

As the two men approached the home, the little girl woke up and just kept repeating, “Mommy.”

“Are you OK?” Hallman said he asked the little girl.

“She’s like, ‘my mommy, my mommy.’”

The cousins proceeded to call 911 and wait for the first responders to arrive. In order to protect her from the cold, the compassionate pair placed the toddler in their car as they waited.

Hallman and Wood even found the family’s poodle, who had escaped when the mother fell unconscious.

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Latonya Perry, the 42-year-old mother, was sent to Marymount Hospital where she was treated before being discharged on Wednesday. The doctors determined that she had experienced several seizures, though they are still unsure of the cause.

“I’m blessed, God is so good. You saved my life,” Perry declared to one of the cousins.

“I’m just glad I was just able to recognize the situation and be a blessing to your life,” Rayfield Hallman added. “I’m glad you’re OK.”

Perry was not the only one to thank Hallman and Wood for their help. The Maple Heights Police Department wrote them a public thank you on their Facebook page that has garnered over 17,00 likes and almost 5,000 shares.

“Rayfield and Steven’s decision to show concern for another person probably saved not only the woman’s life, but possibly saved the life of her daughter,” the Maple Heights Police Department wrote.

“I’m sure that other people drove past and decided not to do anything, but because Rayfield and Steven decided to show a high level of character and compassion, the woman, her daughter and her dog should be fine.”

The police department announced that both Rayfield and Steven had been gifted with Mr Chicken gift cards, “as well as a heart-felt “Thank You” for going out of their way to help someone else; showing everyone else that compassion for our fellow man is still an applicable characteristic in our world.”

What an amazing pair!


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