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Former President George W. Bush Lobbied to Help Brett Kavanaugh’s Confirmation  

Former President George W. Bush hasn’t been in office for more than a decade.  Yet, according to several media outlets, he made telephone calls to several Republican senators over the past few weeks to push for Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. 

Bush had several conversations with Republican Senators Susan Collins, Jeff Flake, and Lisa Murkowski, as well as Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, who were key votes in the process to confirm President Trump’s nominee, according to The Washington Post.  Bush spoke to the senators because they would not be as receptive to hearing from Trump. 

Kavanaugh worked under Bush as an associate counsel and later a staff secretary. And it was Bush who nominated him to be a judge on the US Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit in 2006.  He has repeatedly praised Kavanaugh as an excellent jurist. 

Bush and his wife Laura, stood by Kavanaugh after Dr. Christine Blasey Ford accused him of sexually assaulting her at a high school party in 1982.

In a statement to Politico in September, Bush said:  “Laura and I have known and respected Brett Kavanaugh for decades, and we stand by our comments the night Judge Kavanaugh was nominated: “He is a fine husband, father, and friend — and a man of the highest integrity. He will make a superb Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.”

When Trump nominated Kavanaugh to the seat on the high court previously occupied by retired Justice Anthony Kennedy in July, Bush praised Trump’s selection. 

“President Trump has made an outstanding decision in nominating Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court,” Bush said in a statement. “Brett is a brilliant jurist who has faithfully applied the Constitution and laws throughout his 12 years on the D.C. Circuit.”


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