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‘Demonstrations of the Spirit’s Power’: Can Aussie Revival Also Heal a Divided America?

What can people do to help bring healing and unity to America? Find out by watching Gary Lane’s Set It Straight interview with Pastor Katherine Ruonala.

Recent polls show that a majority of Americans—as many as 70% or more believe the country is as divided today as it was during the Vietnam War.

So, what can be done to bring healing to the nation, to individuals, and relationships? 

Evangelist Katherine Ruonala from Glory City Church of Brisbane, Australia has some solutions.

“We believe that the Father is wanting to bring hope and healing,” she explained. “His love is intense and so wonderful and we know that it is perfect love that casts out fear, perfect love that is the answer.”

Ruonala says God has much more hope and optimism about the United States than its people ever could.

Ruonala and CBN CEO Gordon Robertson are holding four prophetic and healing meetings at Christ For the Nations
in Dallas, Texas. The meetings are free and open to the public beginning a 7PM August 17th and starting at 10AM Saturday, August 18th.

“When you focus on the negative you can become overwhelmed by the things that are going on, but I believe that the Lord is actually moving,” Ruonala said. “We’re seeing in Australia a remarkable revival, particularly among young adults as the Holy Spirit is moving on their hearts, people being saved on the streets. More people are being healed and saved on the streets than in the meetings.”

The Australian evangelist said she believes the Holy Spirit is awakening God’s church to take the Good News to the world not only by preaching, but by demonstrations of the Spirit’s power.

“I believe we need to take this hope and the healing power of God to show people that God is alive and well today, moving in the same way he did when Jesus walked the earth and wanting to touch and bring healing and miracles into people’s lives.” 


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