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Christian College President Gets Impromptu Selfie with Newlyweds Justin and Hailey Bieber

A Christian college president got more than he bargained for waiting for a valet this past week in Beverly Hills.  

La Mirada, California-based Biola University president Dr. Barry Corey got pulled into a moment of music and picture-taking with celebrity Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey.

A story in The Cut details what can be seen in video from TMZ —Bieber singing Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” to his wife while Corey observes with a bemused look.

A moment later Bieber reaches his hand out to Corey and then Corey takes a quick selfie of the three.

The Cut praised Corey for his selfie skills.

Corey told CBN News “At Biola, I’ve taken plenty of selfies with students so I just kicked into the mode of spontaneity when Justin reached out.”

Corey said he didn’t think much of it in the moment but on reflection told CBN News “when someone reaches out you reach back. It’s the kind thing to do. We need more of this in our world these days, people reaching out to strangers and strangers reaching back.”

It’s a topic that Corey has given some thought. He wrote the book titled Love Kindness: Discover the Power of a Forgotten Christian Virtue.

Corey says he wished he would have spoken more with Bieber. 

“I would have liked to tell Justin Bieber that I have a Canadian passport, that I am at a faith-based college and that he needs to come and visit Biola,” he said. 


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