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Christening and Baptism gowns

Baptism or christening is the process of purification in the religion of Christians.

Baptism or christening both are almost the same terms of purification of body and soul with only basic difference that Baptism is carried out for adults whereas christening is the same process but termed only for infants. Most important thing in the process is the gown which is worn by the person after the purification process for the next seven days until the clothes are removed on the eight day. Gowns used by adults are kept safely till the person dies as it is believed that the individual should wear the same gown on his death bed.

In Christian culture it is believed that every soul which is born as an infant is impure and sinful until he is baptized to become pure and alive, even after the christening process the soul remains prone to attack of sins and impurities so to protect the soul it is necessary to cover the body with some pious shield and that shield is christening or baptism gowns.

Historically the gowns were made with single layered clothes without any stitching, also the quality of gowns were not durable at all, as adult gowns were needed to be preserved till their death, but over the period of time gowns have been taken a good shape and quality.

Today gowns made for infants are totally different from those which were made few centuries ago, but traditions of baptism remained the same. Today we don’t see hard and rough gowns for kids or poor quality embroidery which easier gets torn, with the advancement of technology in the field of textiles and clothing latest brand new quality have hit the market which suits best for making baptism gowns for kids as well as adults. Traditionally gowns for both infants and adults were same but as we know the difference of body skin types of an adult in comparison with that of an infant is totally different so it is important to design different gowns for different body types. Today we can easily find various qualities of gowns of every age group in the market as well as online shops or e-commerce websites. One should check all the varieties and qualities of the gowns before purchasing any product. Also verifying the credibility of website and the payment gateway. One the most important things while purchasing a gown is the quality of clothing used, like silk, cotton, synthetic etc.

Clothes made up of natural polymers are best whereas those which made up of synthetic polymers like nylon, polyester, rayon etc. can be harmful for an infant’s body skin.

In early period Christening and baptism clothes were only made in few shapes and designs and people had only limited options to choose from but now shops and markets have varieties of shapes and designs of gowns. Online stores have a large menu of choices to compare and negotiate, one can also exchange if the purchased cloth doesn’t mark the required expectations. One of the online website which offers best deals is

Overall though this post we have understood the traditional, historical and religious importance of Baptism and christening process and how to buy best suited Christening Gowns Baptism Gowns.


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