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Can You really change Your World?

Of recent, there has been a public outcry over the government  insensitivity to the plight  of the masses and the Churches with their members in different quarters in Nigeria. The same may apply to other Africa Countries and nations of the world.

My writing is not to hold brief to any opinion, but rather to be objective in my assessment of the whole situation.

My lifetime philosophy isn’t  living my life blaming others. I want to live my life changing what I can change in my own little small ways and world.

I am of the opinion  that everybody will be accountable for what they do or do not do. Meaning, God shall judge everyone that has been given opportunities to lead a country or assumed any leadership roles in one way or the other. Whether now or later.

This is my point, I believe if everyone of us is doing one thing or the other in our own little way to help the needy and the poor around us, the positive impact in the society would be enormous.

For each one should carry his own load. Galatians 6:5

You will be surprised to see that many people that apportioned blame on others are also guilty of the same offence as well.

In the day of reckoning, God will not accept your excuse nor hold other people responsible for your inaction.

Yes, each of us will give a personal account to God. Romans 14:12

Ironically, those people who blame the government of corruption are themselves the perpetrators of corruption. While those who blame the churches or mosques for not helping the poor, or hiked the school fees and hospital bills, are themselves not sincere in the price of the commodities they sell or in their day to day activities.

So what make them think they can do better if they cannot practice fairness and justice in their small world? They are taking bribes, you are taking bribes. They are cheating, you are cheating. They are dishonest, you are dishonest. How then you think you will do differently if you are the one in power?

The scriptures challenged anyone ready to throw a stone of accusation or condemnation on others to first do a thorough self examination to see if they are not guilty of the same. Even though I do believe a lot can be done through our prayers, but I am mostly of the opinion that the totality of the citizens would need to change their value systems at the grassroots level to the way up.

If you and I are sensitive to the needs of the people around us and help to alleviate their plight, the society at large will see the tangible eradication of poverty.

My question is this, do you really think you can change the world if you can’t change your small world?

Food for thought.

Stay blessed.



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