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Don’t dance to the tune of the mockers

If you were Hannah what would you have done in a situation where someone close to you constantly chooses to mock, scoff, taunt and laugh at you because they have what you don’t have?

We all need Hannah kind of attitude that won’t retaliates but rather chose to pour her heart out to God in prayer for God to answer her own need too.

Mockers pride themselves in bragging on their achievements in the face of others. Particularly in the faces of those not having what they have. They are set up by the adversary to cause distractions and loss of focus on your goals and expectations of God. They must be ignored. Avoid wasting your precious time and energy in responding or paying attention to them. Your destiny is more important than that! God that answered Hannah in the time of need shall answer you in His time.

1 Sam 1: 6 Peninnah made matters worse by taunting Hannah because of her barrenness. 7 Every year it was the same—Peninnah scoffing and laughing at her as they went to Shiloh, making her cry so much she couldn’t eat.

8 “What’s the matter, Hannah?” Elkanah would exclaim. “Why aren’t you eating? Why make such a fuss over having no children? Isn’t having me better than having ten sons?”

9 One evening after supper, when they were at Shiloh, Hannah went over to the Tabernacle. Eli the priest was sitting at his customary place beside the entrance. 10 She was in deep anguish and was crying bitterly as she prayed to the Lord.



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