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Are God’s Ways Mysterious?

We serve a God that is mysterious in His ways. His ways are past finding out. The level and depth of man’s knowledge is far cry to His. He thinks differently and acts differently. Truly indeed God’s ways are mysterious.

“Can you fathom the mysteries of God? Can you probe the limits of the Almighty?    Job 11:7 (NIV)

The above is Job’s account on the mystery of God.. Jesus also confirmed it to His disciples. He told them there’re some things about Him they would not understand that is meant for the future. Of course many things were unfolded to them by the Holy Spirit after resurrection. Nevertheless there would be things we may not understand about God here on earth until we meet Him. Whatever we know about Him  now is a scratch on the surface. Heaven will reveal all!

God in His kindness and benevolent reveals His ways to men. He gives men directions and visions about His agenda. Sometimes He uses His exclusive sovereign power and authority to get things done . For example, He single highhandedly converted Saul on His ways to Damascus. He arrested him by Himself.

Jesus replied, “You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.” John 13:7 (NIV)

Jesus once said only God will determine the day of His second coming. Mark 13:32. This shows that there are things God keeps to Himself and reveal it only when it is due to be known. He reveals them in due time.

He made known his ways to Moses, his acts to the people of Israel. Psalm 103:7(ESV)

“Our God works in mysterious ways. He can use the unlikely people to help you in unlikely places and also in unlikely manner”

God who turned a coward Gideon to a valiant warrior. Turned the life of a fugitive Moses around and backed him up to returned to the land he once ran away from to confront his adopted father ( Pharaoh) to release His people from their bondage. What an awesome God.

Bible is full of accounts of people God changed their lives from nobody to somebody to become people of renowned for their generations.


  1. The two spies were given refuge in Jericho by an harlot called Rehab ( Joshua 2:1-15). An harlot became useful to God. People that society look down on.
  2. A non Jew guy helped Jesus to carry His cross on the way to Calvary. An African guy called Simon of Cyrene being used to help Jesus a Jew. Matthew 27:32
  3. A young maid helped her master ( Naaman) to be healed of leprosy (2 Kings 5:3-5).
  4. Jesus that was looked down as the son of carpenter became the saviour of the world (Matt 13:55)
  5. A Samaritan woman brought a revival to the whole city after an encounter with Jesus( John 4:7-42). Another story of a woman of abysmal repute being used of God to propagate Gospel.
  6. Ravens (Ravens were known to not even feed their own young (Job 38:41, Psalm 147:9)was used to feed Elijah in the bush.
  7. The rod of Moses the shepherd man was turned to the rod of offence against Pharaoh for Israelite victory. Exodus 14:21-22
  8. Saul from the smallest tribe of Israel was made the first king of Israel. 1 Samuel 9:21
  9. Baby Moses in a basket thrown in a flowing river by his parents was later found in the river by the queen who unknowingly handed him over to his parents for nurturing. Exodus 2:5-6
  10. Mary gave birth to Jesus without sexual relationship with any man. Luke 1:34-35
  11. The wall of Jericho fell down flat by mere trumpet shout. Joshua 6:20
  12. Saul of tarsus a religious terrorist against the Christ became the foremost apostle of the gospel movement across the globe. Acts 9:1-2

In conclusion, what am I saying here?. I’m saying that God can turn any situation around for good. He can reform and transform any life. There is no hopeless situation in God. After all, the whole world was in shambles and without any form  before he started His creation. If only you can believe, your case is settled.

May help come for you where you least expect in Jesus name.

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