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Welcome Here


You are most welcome to my blog platform. Spiritual contents is my drive. I will try from time to time to share with you, some of the spiritual principles, to help every reader to grow spiritually, emotionally, mentally and ethically as God continue to lead me in these areas of our needs. Please, fee free to subscribe, like, share and comments where necessary.  You never know who you will be impacting in the process.



Bible Teacher/Evangelist/Blogger

Blessed with a passion for serving God through teaching and evangelistic online ministry. I am a Bible Study Teacher in a local Parish Church. I believe application of  Wisdom from God’s word is the solution to everyman’s problems.

The vision to start this ministry birthed through inspiration of God. He inspired me by the thought,”many people are online than on the roads”.  He instructed me from the book of Isaiah 8:16a, the need to compile my teachings, testimony and inspirations to be a blessing to every reader. 

It takes a lot of courage and the grace of God, for me to kick-start because I am naturally a person who doesn’t enjoy lengthy writing, compared to reading or studying. I trust in His grace. I have confidence in His grace for inspiration through His word and my fervent fellowship with Him.

I  strongly believe you are not here by mistake. And I pray that God shall meet you at the point of your needs as you continually visiting this page for the resource that would be a blessing to your spirit, soul, and body.   Remember, experience only come when we apply what we learn.


May we all be conformed to the image of Jesus our Lord and Saviour. Amen