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Abortion Really About a Woman’s Choice? At Least 25% of Women Are Forced Into It

WASHINGTON – A new study finds one in four women receiving sexual and reproductive healthcare services is a victim of “reproductive control.” 

The study was published in the British Medical Journal and defines reproductive coercion as “actions that interfere with a woman’s reproductive intentions and any actions that pressure or coerce a woman into initiating or terminating a pregnancy.”

National Right to Life reports the study’s findings on abortion are backed up by a number of other studies, including one by the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute which shows 30 percent of women have abortions “because someone else, not the woman” wants it.

Clare Bremner, a counselor for the Abortion Recovery Care and Helpline, says 75 percent of the women her organization sees have experienced some sort of pressure or coercion, from partners, family, friends, employers and even healthcare staff. 

She believes the screening to spot signs of abuse is failing women and is pushing for more research. 

“We welcome any efforts to highlight and tackle this national scandal, that women up and down the country are having abortions which they do not want,” said Bremner.



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