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CEO Mark Zuckerberg looking at the Mossad's Facebook page. (Illustrative)

CEO Mark Zuckerberg looking at the Mossad’s Facebook page. (Illustrative).
(photo credit: REUTERS / SCREENSHOT)

Social media just got a lot more interesting with the Mossad joining Facebook.

Israel’s elite spy agency plans to use the site, dubbed “Mossad Careers,” mainly for recruiting.

On Thursday, via the Prime Minister’s Office, the Mossad put out a statement that, “publicizing job openings on Facebook will facilitate more efficient recruiting with access to a wider pool of candidates in order to hire the most fitting candidates.” In the not so distant past, the Mossad had no real public online presence for recruiting.

New Mossad recruitment video campaign

In 2014, the Mossad finally started to use a sleek new public website in several languages to assist in its recruitment.

The Mossad said that it is “at the forefront of acting on behalf of the State of Israel’s security and that it has had to contend with growing challenges in recent years.” Further, the spy agency said that it had, “succeeded in handling these challenges in an exceptional way, by thinking out of the box, integrating different organizational abilities, creativity and commitment to the mission.” Also, the statement said that its exceptional personnel who are “deeply committed to the state” were key to the Mossad’s success.

The Mossad said that the Facebook page is part of its ongoing campaign to be more creative in its recruitment tactics, which this past Independence Day, included a riddle to solve for potential recruits to its burgeoning cyber and technology branch. The statement noted that the Mossad has tracks not only for adult men and women, but also for students and for some special needs persons.

In the last year, the Mossad has also specifically increased its push to recruit women.

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