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USA’s Largest UMC Congregation Opens New ‘Furnishings Ministry’ Site for Thousands of Needy Families

(Photo: Twitter/Center 58 Schools)The Church of the Resurrection’s Flourish Furnishings Ministry, located in Grandview, Missouri.

The largest United Methodist Church congregation in the United States has opened a new site for its furnishings ministry, which seeks to help thousands of families in need.

Church of the Resurrection, a Leawood, Kansas-based congregation with over 21,000 members and headed by the Rev. Adam Hamilton, held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for their Flourish Furnishings Ministry’s new space in Grandview, Missouri, on Saturday.

In attendance for the Saturday ribbon-cutting were several local government officials, including the Grandview Mayor Leonard Jones, as well as 200 members of the church and the local community.

Formerly known as My Father’s House, FFM seeks to collect and distribute donated home furnishings and essentials to families who are less fortunate.

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(Photo: Twitter/Center 58 Schools)Volunteers sorting things at the Church of the Resurrection’s Flourish Furnishings Ministry, based in Grandview, Missouri.

“Through 100% donated goods we are able to provide an opportunity for your clients to fully furnish their new homes. Our goal is to ensure that no child or adult in the [Kansas City] metro area has to live without adequate furnishings,” states their webpage.

“Our clients can shop for their new furniture and household belongings with dignity. They have the ability to personally select their items, making the transition to their new residence feel like home.” 

Michelle Van Pelt, Local Mission Ministries program director at Church of the Resurrection, explained to The Christian Post that the new space had better proximity to the main church campus and their overall volunteer base than the older location.

“We were looking for a space that was clean, safe and convenient for both our clients and volunteers,” said Van Pelt.


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“We have 28,000 square feet that provide a welcome desk and reception area, the showroom (where our clients shop), the stock room, an electrical testing and furniture repair area and of course the loading/dock area.”

While the ministry served approximately 5,000 individuals from 1,900 families last year, this year the numbers decreased considerably due to the temporary closure and relocation.

“Our goal with the new space is to serve more and serve them better,” explained Van Pelt, noting that despite the 4-month shut down they were still on track to serve around 1,000 families this year.

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