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US Says Security Council Approves New Sanctions on NKorea

WASHINGTON (AP) – The United States says it has the support of the U.N. Security Council for a new package of sanctions against North Korea.
Ambassador Nikki Haley says the council’s North Korea Sanctions Committee has unanimously approved sanctions designations on 21 shipping companies, one individual and 27 ships.
She says it is the largest-ever set of U.N. designations against the North.
The package aims at countering maritime smuggling by North Korea to obtain oil and sell coal, evading restrictions that have been imposed because of its nuclear and missile programs.
Haley says agreement on the designations is “a clear sign” the international community is united in keeping up “maximum pressure” on Pyongyang.
It comes despite planned summits this spring between the U.S. and South Korean leaders with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

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