Top 5 Most Annoying Conservative & Christian Women


A list of the 5 most annoying christian conservative women, as of 2011. These women are not only dumb and loud, but their pervasive ignorance is also dangerous and destructive.

ADDENDUM: To all those asking why Michele Bachmann isn’t on this list; I’m embarrassed to say that when I made this list…I hadn’t actually heard much about her. Since then, as we all know, she’s tried and failed at becoming the Republican Presidential Nominee, and provided us with an insightful look at her own stupidity. Were I to remake the list today, I’d probably include her as #3. I still think Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Sarah Palin are dumber, more obnoxious, more annoying, and certainly more pervasive than she is. Hasselbeck spews her vitriol day in and day out on the View, damaging the nations collective intellect endlessly. And Sarah Palin almost got elected Vice President, that makes her the scariest thing since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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