The Secret Pro-Life Film That Aims to Tear Down the ‘Lies’ of the Abortion Industry

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A new pro-life film called Roe v. Wade is in the making, according to a report from The Hollywood Reporter.

Nick Loeb, who is known for previously dating Sofia Vergara, is directing the movie and began filming near New Orleans on June 15. 

The film chronicles the infamous Supreme Court case that made abortion legal in America.

Loeb has been tight-lipped about the film, saying cast and crew members risk becoming Hollywood outcasts due to the film’s pro-life stance.

When he asked to film at Louisiana State University, Loeb says, “We were told we were rejected due to our content, even though it will be a PG-rated film. They refused to put it in writing, but they told us on the phone it was due to content.”

After receiving permission to shoot at a local synagogue, the director says his crew was kicked out after the leaders found out about the movie’s message.

“Once they found out what the film was about, they locked us out. We had to call the police so that the extras and caterers could retrieve their possessions,” Loeb told The Hollywood Reporter.

Because of the backlash, the identities of many of the major actors in the film are being kept secret. However, outspoken Hollywood conservatives including Jon Voight and Robert Davi are reportedly involved in the film.

Loeb said the film’s executive producer is Alveda King, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s niece and a vocal pro-life advocate.

“This big screen movie is the real untold story of how a mountain of life led to an injustice that deprived millions of people of human dignity and human rights,” King explains in the film’s trailer.

News of the film surfaced around the time that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement. Now, President Donald Trump has the opportunity to appoint a justice who could potentially help overturn the decision that made abortion legal in America.

“It’s one of the most controversial political decisions in history. It divides us and makes us uncomfortable,” Loeb said. “No one has really told the whole truth about Roe v. Wade in a film. When I delved into this, I discovered conspiracy theories, fake news, made-up statistics and a whole lot of people involved who switched their positions from pro-choice to pro-life, including Norma.”

Filmmakers say they plan on releasing the movie in the fall. They have also set up a gofundme account to help make the movie possible. 

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