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‘Testimonies in the Days to Come’: How This Church Used A Drive-Thru to Show the Power of Prayer

Church members in Jonesboro, Arkansas wanted to offer hope to their local community, so they decided to open up a drive-thru prayer. 

The Pentecostals of Jonesboro Church opened the drive-thru at the start of Holy Week and will end it Tuesday. 

The church’s planning team came up with the idea as part of their goal.

“We started with a theme for our year – 2018. We wanted to make it about others and we started trying to find ways that we can involve people that typically wouldn’t come to our church,” Pastor Darrell Runyan told CBN News. “And we thought about having drive-thru prayer.”

Everyone is invited to stop by for prayer, and no prayer need is off limits. 

“Some of them just wanting us to pray for generic things like their family and blessing over their home,” Runyan explained. 

“And some of them very specific needs that we were able to pray for, but the important thing is that they understood that prayer is not just a theory based thing. There is a practical application to the power of prayer.”

Runyan said he wanted to open up prayer to people who wouldn’t ordinarily find themselves inside a church. 

“I think it’s clear that Jesus said that the way you’ll know my disciples wasn’t their religious doctrine or how persuasive they could be,” he said. “(Jesus) said the way you’ll know them is by their love for another and I think we have to get what is going on inside of our churches, outside the walls of our churches.”

Runyan said the church wants to help anyone who stops by. 

“He was saying you need to love the people I love, and He went everywhere trying to find people who didn’t seem to have a place in their society. I think the church needs to do that as well,” he added.

“I think we are going to hear testimonies in the days to come of what God has done in some of these lives,” he said. 


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