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PRAYER LINK Bishop Bill Hamon: ‘There’s a Youth Army God’s Raising Up’

The Bible says we as Christians are in a spiritual war against spiritual forces of darkness, but we’ve been given mighty weapons to fight with. The scriptures also reveal the powerful results produced when believers engage in spiritual warfare together.

In his latest book, “God’s Weapons of War: Arming the Church to Destroy the Kingdom of Darkness,” Bishop Bill Hamon of Christian International Ministries encourages the Church to do corporate and offensive spiritual warfare like never before.

On CBN’s Prayer Link he shared about the growing number of mighty youth warriors that God is using in his army.

“There’s a youth army God’s raising up,” said Hamon. “I tell people I’ve dedicated the rest of my life to those 40 and under because they’re going to be the generation like Joel talks about. Unstoppable. There’s a new generation rising up that the devil’s never had to face. They’re going to be the most dedicated, on-fire for God, fearless, bold, daring, committed, dedicated, sold-out to God, 100 percent. Devil can’t stop them.”   

Click the link for the full interview with Bishop Hamon on this week’s Prayer Link.




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