Police offered to let Shimron become state’s witness – Breaking News

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Breaking news

Breaking news.
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The Israel Police offered Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s confidant, cousin and attorney David Shimron the opportunity to become a state’s witness in the Case 3000 corruption case, Channel 2 News reported on Sunday.

Shimron, who was questioned multiple times about his involvement in what has been dubbed the “Submarines Affair,” rejected the offer.

Case 3000 is a police corruption investigation into Israel’s purchase of German-made naval vessels. Shimron was the attorney for Miki Ganor, the representative of German shipbuilder ThyssenKrupp, who became a state’s witness in late July.

Netanyahu is not a suspect in this case. But reports suggest that the offer to make Shimron a state’s witness indicates that he might have information which could criminalize other senior figures.

The Israel Police would not confirm the report to The Jerusalem Post.

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