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Planting Gospel-Centered Churches in Italy

Throughout the book of Acts, Luke describes the unstoppable progress of the gospel. And he ends the book with Paul preaching in a Roman prison. It’s an unusual but powerful ending, in that Luke shows us the triumphant power of the gospel.

The messenger is in chains, but the Word of God is not bound.

Luke’s ending communicates something like: this book is finished, but the mission isn’t. We get to be part of this ongoing mission. We get to join the drama of spreading the good news to the nations, and planting churches in every nook and cranny of the world.

God replaces the messengers, but this life-changing message continues to be preached. In Italy, where Paul finally reached in Acts 28, many faithful men and women are continuing this mission today.

One of the men helping lead a missional movement in Italy is J. D. Gilmore, who’s with us on the podcast today.

You can listen to this podcast episode here.


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