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Overcoming Fear with Faith – Pt 1 (Joyce’s Bootcamp: Faith – Week 3)

Faith is like a muscle. It only grows through repeated use. Joyce teaches how to release our faith in our everyday lives.


You are most welcome to my blog platform. I am blessed with the passion to serve God through teaching and evangelistic online ministry to my generation. The website is targeted at teaching and motivating its reader to live a godly life through the principles set down in the Bible and to update them with the current Christians news around the world.


  1. This subject line has to do with what I am going through right now. (FEAR AND FAITH) And because of this I have a hard time making decisions on anything that is good for me right now. Thank you for this great words of God you put out today. Pray for me so I can I break all this obstacles coming at me. I believe faith will come to me soon. I will catch up…

  2. Sister Joyce I am so glad I am watching this today and your words are traveling deep into my heart. That is why Joyce I am not giving up on the job I applied for. I did not let fear stop me from taking this step .Although I have to jump some hurdles to get it. But I tell myself god would not have brought me this far to get this job. Amen I know it has my name on it. It is a beautiful job that will bring me closer to my patients whom I love to bring a smile to their faces. Life is good God is great

  3. Faith is a powerful force that resides in the inside of our spirit. If we don't use it, we lose it. Onto every men is given the measure of God's faith as we have as believers in Christ. The life that I now live is by the faith in the son of God. When we take the step of faith God meets us where we need. Faith is not a feeling but a FORCE. it can be released by praying, saying and doing. I must say what God says. I believe that I have favor everywhere that I go and that God will make special things happen in my life. little things and big things. There is nothing better that having God in my life, actively looking for him, thinking of him, speaking of him and missing my time with him. Faith stayed dorment in me for too long. when I pray in faith, I believe that I will receive and I will get it. I will get it after walking in the path of Jesus Christ.

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