Ohio Pastors Rally, Start Movement to Fight ‘Judicial Tyranny’ Against Christians

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A group of more than 100 pastors from across Ohio are calling for an end to what they consider “judicial tyranny.”

In an open letter, sent earlier this month, to Ohio Congressional members and state lawmakers the clergymen asked that judges be held accountable for prejudice against Christians. 

“Why have a legislature when one elected judge can strike down any law that does not fit his political agenda?” asked spokesman, Reverend J.C. Church, a director with the Family Research Council, in a press release.

“Unaccountable judges in the federal court system have suppressed the voices of freedom in our nation- starting with people of religious conviction. Judicial supremacy has ultimately created a culture of dictatorship,” Church went on to say.

The letter accuses judges of “silencing voters” by ruling against laws passed by elected officials. 

One example referenced was a March 2018 case when a Federal Court Judge, formerly a Planned Parenthood director, struck down a new Ohio law prohibiting abortion of unborn babies with Down syndrome. 

Reverend Aaron Rose of Fusion Community Church called Timothy Black’s opinion “a gross overreach of the judiciary, coming from somebody with obvious political bias,” according to Charisma News.

The clergymen say that the Constitution states that laws are to be passed by U.S. Congress and state legislatures, not un-elected judges. 

Richland Community Prayer Network is responsible for organizing the clergymen, they told CBN News that Congress and Statehouse lawmakers have been on recess since the letter was made public, but several elected officials have privately expressed gratitude for their bold stance.

They encourage the faith community to speak up about “judicial tyranny” and contact their state and federal elected representatives. 

“The pastors of this nation are the key community catalysts that can lead this nation to accomplish its GOD given calling to promote justice and righteousness. They are the change agents that can bring a ripple effect of revival across the land,” Richland Community Prayer Network, Coordinator, Benjamin Mutti told CBN News.

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