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Now Is the Time to Rebuild Our Country’: Trump Touts Infrastructure Plan

President Donald Trump touched down in Ohio to tout his infrastructure plan.

“We are going to rebuild America’s crumbling infrastructure,” said President Trump. “There is no better place to begin this campaign than right here in Ohio, at this state-of-the-art training site, where the awesome skills of the American worker are forged and refined.”

Speaking at the Richfield Engineers Training Facility, the commander in chief praised American workers as the “best in the world.” 

In February, President Trump unveiled his $1.5 trillion proposal to fix America’s roads, bridges and airports. His proposal calls for $200 billion in federal funds and relies heavily on state and local governments to pay for projects.

“Nearly 40 percent of our bridges were built before the first moon landing,” said Trump. “Clogged roads force the average driver to spend 42 hours every year stuck in traffic, costing us $160 billion annually.

Trump outlined his plan to Congress, which is built on four key principles:

1. Invest in American workers

2. Transform the permitting system

3. $50 billion to build infrastructure in rural communities 

4. Expand the reach of federal dollars through state and local partnerships

“The first elements of this plan have already been put in place,” said Trump. “We’ve secured more funding for highways, airports, railroads and our nation’s water infrastructure.”

During the president’s wide ranging speech, he touched on protecting the Second Amendment, trade and Jerusalem.

“Jerusalem we approved. Jerusalem was a big thing,” said Trump.

Trump also talked about his upcoming historic meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

“We are moving along very nicely with North Korea. We’ll see what happens,” the president said. “The rhetoric has calmed down a little bit.”


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