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Israel Outraged After Jordanian Government Walks on Israeli Flag

Israel sent a strong message to Jordan’s deputy ambassador Mohammed Hamid Sunday after an image of a Jordanian government official walking on an Israeli flag surfaced on the internet. 

The picture was published on the Jordanian website Jfranews and shows Minister Jumana Ghuneimat walking on a large image of the Israeli flag. The flag also had footprints printed on it.

Israel said the incident occurred last Thursday at Jordan’s Trade Union.

Israel and Jordan signed a peace agreement in 1994, but do not share a warm relationship.
Jordan’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Majed Qatarneh confirmed that Israel did reach out to the country and was working on resolving the issue through “diplomatic channels.”
“The Israeli side was informed that the building is a private one and the minister entered it from the main entrance for an official meeting,” he said. “We have emphasized that we respect the peace treaty with Israel.”


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