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‘I Asked God…Send Me an Angel’: 9-Year-Old Boy Saves Neighbor Trapped Under Car

A South Carolina boy is being hailed a hero for rescuing his neighbor who had gotten trapped under his car.

According to WISTV, Allen Clemmons was underneath his car doing maintenance when it slid off the jack that was holding it up and it fell on him.

“I was having a really hard time breathing with it on top of me, even though I was kind of on my side,” Clemmons told the news station.

He said he was pinned under his car yelling for help for an hour and a half. 

“I asked God to help me, to give me one more holler and send an angel by my way,” Clemmons said. “The last holler before I give up.”

That’s when 9-year-old Malachi Coffey appeared.

“I was playing outside and I heard someone yelling,” Coffey said. “He was saying something like he was stuck but I didn’t know what he meant.” 

When little Malachi found Clemmons trapped, he said he immediately grabbed the jack to mount the car back up and get it off Clemmons before running back home to get help.

“My uncle taught me how to use a jack so I knew how,” the young boy said.

Clemmons suffered six broken ribs and a fractured pelvis but said if it wasn’t for Coffey it could’ve been much worse.

“I don’t think I would have survived another 30 minutes,” he said. “It was getting really hard to breathe. He is truly my guardian angel.”

The two have stayed in contact since that day. Coffey made a special trip to the hospital to visit Clemmons before he was released.

Clemmons told WACH Fox 57 that he doesn’t plan to get underneath a car alone again, but he and Coffey plan to work on his motorcycle and a Mustang together. 

Clemmons is expected to make a full recovery.


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