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How To Choose The Right Team For Your Dream with Rick Warren — Success is never a one-person show. You need other people to fulfill the plan God has for your life. In this message, Pastor Rick tells us how to choose the right team for your dream, starting with models, mentors, partners, and friends. You’ll learn how a team can help lift the load, bring out our best, compensate for our weaknesses, and pick us up when we stumble. Find out how to choose a team that will help you grow in integrity, humility, and generosity.

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  1. Pastor Rick…. I thank you for this sermon… Great message

  2. Best Sermon I have heard shared by two of God's chosen messangers!

  3. Dear Pastor Rick, l understand it was not the intended purpose of your message, but please accept my regrets for the loss of your friend and mentor, Reverend Billy Graham. I attended my first crusade in 1965, he will be missed by many. You will see him again someday, but not just yet. We all have much work to do yet. You are in my prayers. CL

  4. Sorry, l neglected to add that you continually inspire us to be diligent in that work, Rick. Thank you for your Christian example and leadership. CL

  5. It's amazing this is exactly what I needed to hear. I am grateful that I have internet to be able to listen to this wonderful message. Thank you Pastor Rick and Saddleback church for uploading this..

  6. powerful msg God bless you pastor Rick,The msg is an eye opener.

  7. Thanks to brother RICK WARREN…Wonderful Message…

  8. Is there a way to download the messages? I travel a lot and do not always have reliable wifi. If I could download them in advance I could watch them even if I am in a remote place in chile.

  9. Great Sermon Pastor Rick

  10. Thanks Rick Warren. Or thanks to the Lord!!

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