He wants a billion $$ to convert ALIENS!, Creflo Dollar Exposed!

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This preacher whats a billion dollars to convert aliens.

cREFLO DOLLAR EXPOSED, CREFLO DOLLAREXPOSED, Creflo Dollar, creflodollar, or now it should be called Creflo Billion Dollar, because Creflo Dollar wants a Billion Dollars for a space craft to go to mars and preach to aliens should they discover life on mars.
Creflo dollar exposed, creflodollarexposed

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Love Revolution is the name of the Global Revolution that is coming from Jerusalem by The Kingdom of David. The name Love Revolution is chosen for several reasons. Love is the most powerful force in the universe and global revolution is what is required for any hope of real change.

The Kingdom of David and The Upwards Movement Presents
A Global Love Revolution coming from Jerusalem


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