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Episode 862: Free-4-All-Friday!!! This last week has seen a lot of controversy over the Google meme “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber” fro both the freedom and anti-freedom side of the spectrum. Freedom folks thinks it’s about time the Tech industry was called out on it anti-freedom biases. And the anti-freedom folks decries the science that James Damore is pointing out about the differences in the two genders.
Some of the anti-freedom folks on YouTube are claiming that this is a sexist memo, and James needs to be fired and not ever hold a job again. Most of them I have watched don’t seem to have read the memo. A lot of how the anti-freedom crowd characterizes the memo seems to be coming from the “echo chamber” and has no bases in fact. Some have even called for the marketplace of ideas to be shut down!!!
These anti-freedom folks who live in their own little echo chambers do not understand what the “marketplace of ideas” is. If these folks had any clue as to what real freedom and real liberty was, they would know that it can never be shut down nor controlled!!! The anti-freedom folks in the Tech sectors of our economy need to have a reality check. If they continue down this regressive path they will find more and more of the freedom folks who work for them fleeing to companies who truly understand freedom and liberty, especially in the work place!!!

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