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First Lady Melania Trump Takes Part in Toys for Tots Toy Drive

First Lady Melania Trump Takes Part in Toys for Tots Toy Drive

First lady Melania Trump attended a Marine Toys for Tots event held at the Joint Anacostia-Boiling Military Base in southwestern Washington, D.C on Tuesday. 

The first lady shared a few words of insight before she assisted the kids in filling boxes with toys, stating that “As a mother, I feel children are the most precious gift of all. As First Lady, I have made it my mission to shine a light on programs that provide more opportunities for children to succeed.”

After the boxes were filled with toys, the children took time to write Christmas cards that would be added to each box. The first lady and several US Marines got involved with the activities, helping the children write their letters. 

The event wasn’t complete without a visit from Santa Claus, who arrived with bags that read “Be Best” on the front. The first last helped give out the bags before she visited with the parents of the many children at the event. 

The first lady spoke highly of the organization, telling AOL: “Their mission to send messages of hope to children and motivate them to grow into responsible and patriotic citizens and community leaders is so important to our society. 

“I had been looking forward to this event ever since last year’s ended,” she recalled. 

The Marine Toys for Tots program has been sharing a message of hope with less fortunate children since 1947, according to the foundation’s website.  

Local Toys for Tots Campaigns are the heart and soul of the Marine Toys for Tots Program managed by dedicated United States Marines and local volunteers. Your Local Campaign is the best source of Toys for Tots information on how to give and receive support in your community.

If you would like to get involved, connect with the local Toys for Tots program in your state here.

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